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Corset Info

We distinguish between 'corset' and 'corsage' in our product descriptions. We want to explain now why we do that and where the difference is between the two terms.
The two different terms should help to assess the respective product. When we speak of a corset, we mean a 'real' corset, which is suitable for reducing your waist circumference and giving you the coveted wasp waist. A corsage, however, only hugs the figure and has not such a strong lacing effect like a real corset features. It only gives you a light support which makes it very comfortable to wear. 


Steel boning

A real lace corset is often a bit heavier in weight. The reason is that the corset bones are made of steel to give you the desired waist reduction. But do not worry;), the modern corsets contain flexible bones made of flat spring steel, which perfectly adapt to the contours of the body and ensure a comfort fit.

Solid material

A corset is often made of stronger, more durable fabric that resists the stress of figure shaping.

Strong back lacing

The back lacing is resistant and very long in length. This optimally fulfills the requirements of shaping your body.

Corset size is determined by waist circumference (-10 cm) 

To find out the right corset size, first measure your waist circumference at the narrowest point in centimeters. However, the corset circumference in the tightest lacing must be significantly lower than the body circumference. To determine the corset circumference now substract from the body circumference about 10 cm. These 10 cm are ideal for all clothing sizes up to EU size 42. For larger sizes or for even stronger lacing, a greater difference between body and corset circumference may be necessary (up to 15 cm). Our size charts show you which corset size corresponds to your determined waist circumference. Please click here for more info.


Light boning

When we say 'corsage' it means that the corsage bones are made of plastic or very light metal. They make the corsage extremely comfortable to wear. Because of the light boning however you can not achieve such a strong figure-shaping effect as a real lace corset provides. A corsage more optimizes the figure. If you would like to reduce your waist circumference and want to get an hourglass shape, we recommend you a real lace corset instead.

Decorative back lacing

The ribbons of the back lacing are usually very beautiful and are made of satin, for example. It is is all about the look because the ribbons do not have to 'endure' as much as those of a real corset.

You can choose your regular clothing size

Because a corsage is not intended for waist reduction, you can order it in your usual clothing size. If you do not know your exact clothing size, our size chart will help you.

We hope that this explanation has helped you. If any questions remain unanswered, just write us a message. Use the contact form or send an email to