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Size Chart

The following tables and information are intended to assist you in choosing the appropriate size. When measuring your body to determine the appropriate size, follow the sketch below.

Of course, we also advise you personally and will gladly help you with the right size choice. For your question just use the message form or send us an email to


Which body measurements correspond to which garment size, you can refer to the following tables. Especially for garments that have no stretch in it, such blouses, we recommend you to follow the tables exactly.

Size chart - Ladies

Size chart - Gents


We would like to point out that the following information is only valid for the size determination of "real" corsets. Whether your chosen article is a real lace corset, you will recognize the article name, which then also contains the indication "corset". If "corsage" is indicated in the item description, the following notes do not apply. Please order a corsage after your normal dress size - the above table will help you to choose the right size. Would you like to know why we separate "corset" and "corsage" and where is the difference?
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To choose the right corset size, first measure your waist circumference at the narrowest point in inches. However, the corset circumference in the tightest lacing must be significantly lower than the body circumference. To determine the corset circumference, you subtract from the body circumference about 10 cm. These 10 cm are ideal for all clothing sizes up to EU size 42. For larger sizes or for even stronger lacing, a greater difference between body and corset circumference may be necessary (up to 15 cm). In most cases, the calculated corset circumference will be between two corset sizes. Please choose the smaller size. Due to the back lacing corsets offer enough width.

If you are still unsure about which size to choose, we are happy to help you out. Please use our message form for your request or send an email to Please also let us know your measurements and clothing size.

The size of the different corset sizes you can see in these tables:

Corsets in German (EU) size

Konfektionsgröße 32   34   36   38   40   42   44   46   48   50  5254
Taillen-Korsettumfang in cm bei engster Schnürung4651566166717681869196101
Taillen-korsettumfang in cm bei normaler Schnürung 51566166717681869196101106

Corsets in Inch

Konfektionsgröße (Inch) 22 24  26 28 30 32 34
Taillen-Korsettumfang in cm 51 56 61 66 71 76 81
Taillenkorsettumfang in cm bei normaler Schnürung 56 61 66 71 76 81 86